September 28, 2023

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Yamaha R15 India

Yamaha R15 India model hit the roads just about a 5 months back, in June 2008 and has already set minds of young bike lovers on fire. Not to mention its awesome torque and incredible capacity to ride as a smoothie on bumpy roads too. The bike has looks of a city tourer but has what it takes to be on the Indian bike racing tracks. No doubt being equipped with the latest MotoGP technology, as of today Yamaha R15 seems to be the most talked about bike of the Indian roads.

The test drive and a Yamaha R15 review by us reveals that it is a 4-stroke, 150cc engine with liquid cooling. The bike doesn’t rattle or become cranky upon long ride and makes amazingly very less noise. The mono-cylinder engine is equipped with aluminum forged piston and a 6-speed gearbox. The bike also has disc brakes on the rear. It is in Yamaha R 15 India, that all-aluminum DiASil cylinders have been used. These cylinders will optimize fuel efficiency and make the engine much light in weight.

The Yamaha R15 India model reflects a gorgeous look and has monocross suspension which renders great shock absorption power. The Deltabox frame of the chassis not only adds to its chisel shaped looks but also guarantees some cool stability to the bike. The capacity of the fuel tank is 12 liters.

Both the front and rear ends are fitted with tubeless tyres that not only enable the rider to get a better grip on the road but also give fuel economy. The Yamaha R 15 India is fitted with multi-reflector headlamps and is environment friendly as well conforming to all emission regulatory norms. This hefty bike is otherwise easy to handle, but it is the Yamaha R 15 price that is too hefty for all to afford.

The Yamaha R15 India motorbike is the first super sports bike but as it comes with a price tag of above Rs.80,000, one will think several times before one could realize the dream of owing a Yamaha R15. There are many people who vote for high-end pulsar for the same price and even less. But Yamaha engineering should not be over looked for price sake on any day.