January 28, 2023

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Kids’ Party Favor Ideas That Are Creative and Long Lasting

Are you a parent who also happens to be an expert party planner for kids’ birthday parties? Well, if you haven’t achieved that status, yet, it’s probably only a matter of time! While it may not be a goal of yours, if you’re among the millions of parents who have gone through the party planning drill a few times, especially for two or more children, then you are probably certifiable (an expert, that is)!

A kids’ party planning idea that does not often occur to parents the first time around is to have the kids do a craft project that doubles as a party favor. An craft activity that more and more parents are discovering on the Internet is the concept of creating wearable art, using non-toxic fabric markers and pre-designed tee shirts, bandanas, and backpacks. It not only provides kids with the enjoyment of expressing their own style and individuality on a simple product they can wear or carry their stuff in, but it also gives them a worthwhile keepsake that won’t be forgotten or thrown away the day after the special event is over. Other fun craft projects kids can color at a birthday party or sleepover include tote bags and pillowcases. If you’re planning a party for children, and you want to give them something more than just a traditional goodie bag as a party favor, this easy and fun craft idea might be the perfect solution.

Wearable Art is a Craft Activity for All Seasons

Adding vivid color to t-shirts, tote bags, and backpacks with fabric markers is not only a great kids’ birthday party idea and holiday craft project, but it’s also rapidly catching on among troop leaders looking for Girl Scout crafts and Girl Scout Daisy activities. Summer camps, youth groups, bible schools, and after-school programs are also hearing about this idea as a way to channel creativity and encourage social interaction among kids. Appropriate for a wide variety of ages, this kids’ party or social group activity can involve either a simple coloring approach or a more advanced tie-dye coloring technique. There’s no wrong way to do it, so the potential for frustration or disappointment ranges from low to non-existent, especially if it’s done in a non competitive atmosphere.

Available in a variety of different designs and themes, including sports, camping, celebrations, parties, and holidays, these shirts and other fun fabric products are appropriate for both girls and boys. In addition to the ever-popular pirate theme, kids can also create wearable art featuring everything from monster trucks to princess themes. Other available slogans and themes include “Girls Rock”, “Peace and Love”, “Happy Camper”, “Camping Survivor”, and “Courage, Confidence, and Character” (a Girl Scout slogan).

Whether you’re looking for original kids’ party favor ideas or searching for a fun holiday craft project or Halloween Trick or Treat bag, there are a variety of resources on the Internet that can provide you with all the supplies and ideas you need. Helpful tip: When shopping for fabric markers, be sure to look for ones that are non-toxic, chlorine resistant, and quick drying.