January 28, 2023

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Have Your Baby Drift Off to Sleep in Their Harley Davidson Crib Bedding

It may be a little hard to find Harley Davidson crib bedding but do not give up hope, it is for sale online. You can start your baby off with the wonderful world of Harley by having their crib ready with a nice soft and warm Harley blanket.

If you want to have your babies’ room decorated in Harley fashion that is easy, but if you are looking for Harley crib bedding and sheets for your crib they are hard to find. You can use any crib sheets and top them off with a great Harley blanket made just for babies.

They do make official Harley receiving blankets, which can also double as a blanket in your babies’ crib. Wouldn’t it be great to bring your newborn home from the hospital in a Harley receiving blanket.

I needed to find a baby gift for a family that loved the Harley brand. After searching and searching I found the perfect gift. Two different kinds of receiving blankets for either a boy or a girl. One set is a quilted blanket made of extra soft fleece and the Harley logo in the bottom corner and a silky border around the edges.

The other crib bedding receiving blankets are super soft fleece and they have an embroidered Harley Davidson bar and shield logo on a pocket in the bottom corner. In the pocket there is a motorcycle shaped rattle attached by an orange ribbon and is surrounded by a bright orange border.

When thinking about putting a pillow in your babies’ crib, some people will not put a pillow in a crib, you can use a Harley throw pillow. Using the combination of the receiving blanket and the pillow you will have made Harley Davidson crib bedding.

You never want to put too much in a babies’ crib so you can have the rest of the nursery done with Harley items.

Start with bright colors, babies’ love colorful things. The are Harley wallpaper borders that will look great in a nursery, and you can put your babies’ first picture in the beautiful chrome script frame. There is also a very colorful street light with the red, yellow, and green colors. Instead of a rocking horse for when your baby is older, you can get a rocking Harley. All of these will make great additions to your crib bedding.

After starting with your Harley crib bedding, the rest of the decorating is easy. Even when your baby becomes a toddler most of the items can stay. You change the crib to a bed with Harley sheets and a comforter.

So yes, you can have Harley Davidson crib bedding to have in your babies’ nursery.