January 28, 2023

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Europe Knows Shark Motorcycle Helmets

Shark motorcycle helmets have been the choice in European motorcycle racing for over 30 years. They are distributed throughout the world in at least 35 countries. Shark has been innovation driven since its inception and continues to manufacture design improvements to make it the most advanced and high quality racing helmet available. It is considered by most to be the best motorcycle racing helmet money can buy.

The technology of Shark motorcycle helmets employs a multi-axial fiber structure for the shell. It is a composite of carbon fiber and epoxy resin. The fiber is called Dyneema Aramid and is claimed to be the world’s strongest fiber. The fiber recipe that creates its strength and durability also provides the foundation for the lightest weight shell in the industry. The stylish design is created for racing. The aerodynamic qualities cannot be ignored as being contributory to the long list of excellent motorcycle racers who spend big bucks to include a Shark helmet as part of their racing gear. The overall integrity of Shark helmets is unsurpassed, and what most would agree is its quality of technology, design and appearance.

The finish of a Shark helmet comes in gloss or matte. The personal taste of every rider is unique and Shark offers a plethora of solid colors to choose from. Carbon black or carbon steel is the most contemporary, a standard of long standing. The quality of paint and clear coat is excellent. In the world of design graphics, Shark helmets offer an endless selection of bold colors and design patterns of truly unique artistic styling. Shark helmets also offer full face or open face structure as well as the world’s lowest profile helmet. Quality fit is demanded in the European marketplace and Shark offers sizes from extra small to two times extra large. There is a five year manufacturer’s guarantee on the material and workmanship of the helmet.

Superbike and super sport racers must have confidence in their helmet visor, and motoGP racers have no better choice for visor protection in their field of competitive motorcycle racing. If you are an off-roader, you will likewise benefit from the Shark helmet visor. It is a specially designed visor 3mm thick for eye protection and excellent optical qualities, and comes with an anti-fog coating. The thick visor is resilient to damage when moving it up or down during the harsh rigors of competitive motorcycle racing. Shark motorcycle helmets, in all components, are the most advanced and high quality helmet protection in the marketplace.