January 28, 2023

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Cycling and Its Types

Cycling is a great activity as well as a sport. It can be enjoyed by children as well as adults. It is also being used by many across the globe as a very good exercise for weight loss. It helps to boost one’s metabolism level. The best part about this activity is that it does so much benefits to our body without even letting us realise that, because one just finds cycling such a delightful experience.

Road cycling is one of the most popular types. It simply means cycling on paved roads, it is also a professional sport, a recreational activity and also a means of transport. Today they are made of steel, titanium, carbon fiber or aluminum. Road bicycles can be a bit expensive as the technology used is of the state of art. Also the accessories add up to the total cost of the bike.

Cycle racing is a very popular sport, particularly in Europe. A race track is selected and the cyclist or the cycling team that finishes first is declared the winner. Even though there is just a single winner, often a team is sponsored who engage in making their best cyclist win the race. Adventure cycling, a type of road cycling is also gaining much popularity. Here cyclists cycle for many days and camp out.

Lance Armstrong, seven times winner of the tours de France is one of the most famous cyclists of all times.

Types of cycling

Cycling can be categorized as:
On road cycling- This generally includes cycle racing and is done on paved roads. Mainly. On road cycling is concerned with speed, distance covered and the time taken. On road cycles are usually very light weight with thin tiers to enable more speed.

Off road cycling- This form of cycling is concerned with riding cycles on mountains or such areas where there are no paved roads. This type of a racing is concerned with survival. On road cycles are usually heavy, with good suspension and the tires have a strong grip.

BMX cycling- BMX cycling is mostly concerned with stunts. The best stunter who does the most unique stunts in the competition is declared the winner. This form of cycling is done on specially built stunting tracks that have obstacles.

As each type of cycling is different, the cyclists too require different qualities. For example, a BMX rider must have good control and coordination. An off roader should know how to maintain balance at all times and an on road cyclist must have a steady torso to generate more speed.